Exhibitions and Events

Opening Reception for Sameer Farooq: The Fairest Order in the World

5 October, 2023

Co-presented with Prismatic Arts Festival.

Join us for the opening reception of The Fairest Order in the World. The artist and curator will be in attendance to lead an introductory exhibition tour, and the event will feature a movement activation by Sarah Prosper in collaboration with Sameer Farooq. Opening remarks will begin at 5:30 pm.

The event is free to attend and is open to the public.

Sameer Farooq. Restitution Series (Stone Heads), 2020.


Sameer Farooq: The Fairest Order in the World

5 October – 22 December, 2023

In this first exhibition in his home province of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton born, Toronto based artist Sameer Farooq presents a new installation that offers a deeply poetic space to reflect on the fraught and violent histories of art and anthropological museums, their colonial origins, structures, and impulses. 

Installation view of The Secret Codes: African Nova Scotian Quilts. Photo by Steve Farmer. 


The Secret Codes: African Nova Scotian Quilts

11 May – 6 August, 2023

Virtual Exhibition Tour: EnglishFrançais

68th SSFA: Opening Reception

1 February, 2023

Join us for the opening reception of two new exhibitions!

Bring your family and friends along to view the 68th Student, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni Exhibition. This annual exhibition features works of art in a variety of media and showcases the creative talents of our Dalhousie and King's College communities.

Installation view of A Few of Our Favourite Things: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Photo by Geoffrey Webster.


A Few of Our Favourite Things: Selections from the Permanent Collection

27 January – 16 April, 2023

This exhibition departs from the Dalhousie Art Gallery's usual format of curating a selection of work from the permanent collection based on thematic, media and/or specific artist(s); instead, this display presents choices by the six members of the Gallery's team, who work in various roles. Collecting galleries and museums contain objects that, for one reason or another, become highlights of the collection in the eyes of its visitors. Similarly, the people who spend their working lives in the art gallery sector also form attachments to the objects in their care.

Installation view of 68th Annual Student, Staff, Faculty and Alumni Exhibition. Also pictured is Marlene Creates' Fire and Water, Nova Scotia (1985) on display as part of A Few of Our Favourite Things: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Photo by Geoffrey Webster.


68th Student, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni Exhibition

27 January – 16 April, 2023

Our annual celebration of the creativity of the students, staff, faculty and alumni of Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College! This exhibition is a unique opportunity to share your passion for the arts, foster, creativity, and acknowledge that the arts continue to be an important part of the University, its community as well as its history.

Kim Morgan, RBC1 (2015) and White Blood Cell (2022). Photo: Steve Farmer.

Kim Morgan Artist Talk

1 December, 2022

Kim Morgan, Blood Galaxy, detail, 2017


Kim Morgan: Blood and Breath, Skin and Dust

16 September – 4 December, 2022

Kim Morgan: Blood and Breath, Skin and Dust focuses on eight years of interdisciplinary artist Kim Morgan’s research and artistic production employing electron microscopy. Immersive installations, sculptural objects, and sound and video works reflect this artist’s interest in using advanced technologies to explore materiality and the body. Informed by the experience of vibrant matter at the microscopic level these intriguing works offer encounters in human-scaled space and time, and an opportunity to bridge the gap between science, medicine, and art.

Steve Higgins, A few unwanted species, 2021-22, mixed media. Photo: Steve Farmer

Auction: Unwanted Species by Steve Higgins

9 – 17 July, 2022

Unwanted Species is an online auction organized by artist Steve Higgins in support of the Indigenous Butterfly and Pollinator Garden located on the Dalhousie University campus. The auction will be held from June 27th to July 17th and all proceeds will be donated to fund the Garden.

The auction items include all 90 installation artworks of A few unwanted species by Steve Higgins, from the exhibition Plant Kingdom curated by Frances Dorsey at Dalhousie Art Gallery until July 10th, 2022.

Photo: Indigenous Butterfly and Pollinator Garden, Dalhousie University campus, September 2022. Photo by Camille-Zoe Valcourt-Synnott.

Performance: (de)composition with Ursula Johnson and Lisa Myers

6 July, 2022

(De)composition is a performance about longing for contact, using the existence of underground networks of mycelia as a metaphor. Their performance will consider ideas of connectivity that are explored within the Gallery, in the garden, and through other forms of plant life growing on the Dalhousie campus.