Accessibility Information

1. Entrance

The Dalhousie Art Gallery is located in the lower level of the Dalhousie Arts Centre. There is a permanent concrete ramp with a maximum 8% grade located at the front entrance of the Arts Centre on University Avenue and two sets of automatic doors to assist with entry into the building. The entrance floor is a low pile carpet. There is an elevator on the main floor with access to all floors in the building including the Art Gallery (floor is locked during closed hours).

The Arts Centre is currently experiencing disruption from construction at the front corner on the Seymour street side and should be approached from Henry Street as the sidewalk is blocked at this corner.

2. Washrooms

There is a gender-neutral, single-occupancy washroom with automatic door and accessible stalls in the women’s and men’s washrooms on the second floor which can be reached via the elevator or main stairwell. There is an incline from elevator with an average 12% grade to these washrooms. The incline is also curved and an uneven flagstone flooring from the elevator to the washroom doors. There is one set of doors between the elevator and the gendered, multi-stall washrooms. There are also two male/female gendered washrooms on the fourth floor that have accessible stalls and automatic door buttons, with no grade to access.

3. Parking/Drop Off

Currently, two accessible parking meters located on Seymour Street by the side entrance of the Arts Centre are not accessible while there is still construction at the front of the building. Alternately, There are two to three accessible spots, also 3 hour to the east of the Arts Centre at Henry Street and University Avenue, east side of street. (See photos for path/barriers)

The side entrance doors do not have automatic buttons and there are 4 steps leading to the main floor of the Arts Centre where the elevator is located. The front entrance on University is the recommended public entrance for all guests.

University Avenue is a boulevard with a median and bike lanes. The nearest bus stops are on Coburg at Henry (route 1) and Lemarchant at University (routes 4, 10 and 41).

4. Gallery

The Gallery floors are smooth (epoxy resin on concrete) and not carpeted. The front desk attendant is situated at the base of the main staircase, which, if accessed by elevator, can be found to the right, in the main gallery. Information on exhibitions and visiting are placed at elevator entrance but any questions should be directed to Gallery Attendant. There are a number of seated areas in the gallery, typically two to three plush and low benches throughout the exhibition, and leather armchairs and loveseats, typically situated in the elevator alcove/entrance. There is a wheelchair available for use to the right of the elevator entrance and the Gallery Attendant can assist in making this available. If you have any mobility needs/requests, please contact us in advance and we'll be happy to help!

Child and Baby Friendly
Strollers are welcome throughout the exhibition spaces. There is a seating area near the elevator where food and drinks may be enjoyed. There are benches and seating throughout the gallery that can be used for breastfeeding. The single occupancy washroom on the second floor has a change table.

5. Exhibitions

We do our best to provide as broad access to all visitors to our exhibitions, and are continually seeking feedback on where we can improve! At this time we are beginning to integrate ASL video introductions for as many of our exhibitions as possible, and will note when they are available in our listings.

Guided tours our exhibitions are always free and can be adapted to suit you or your group's needs. Tours can be arranged outside of gallery hours if there are special considerations requiring modifications, for example a low-sensory experience, or extra support staff. For more information, contact the gallery at 902-494-2403 or email