The primary catalyst for this current series has been an almost obsessional interest in the bodies of Iron Age people that have been discovered buried under layers of bog in various parts of Europe...The aim of Frank Nulf's drawings is not to literally depict the disturbing character of the images as seen in scientific photographs or as indicated by the verbal descriptions that are available... (excerpts taken from accompanying catalogue)

An exhibition of small watercolour paintings featuring several series of related themes, all of which were very autobiographical.

The artist exhibited recent collages and prints as part of Dalhousie's"Know Your Artist" series. On view in the Killam Library Gallery.

Recent work exhibited in the Sculpture Court by a young Nova Scotia artist.

"Know Your Artist" series. On exhibition in the Killam Library Gallery.

"Know Your Artist" series

Part of the"Know Your Artist" series, inaugurated in 1954, which spotlights the work of Nova Scotian artists.

An exhibition of works by two Halifax photographers.

This exhibition consists of 40 works chosen from Canadian collections and includes paintings, drawings and lithographs by the renowned British artist.  Rather than attempting to be a retrospective survey of the artist's work, the exhibition focuses on that work by the artist which is of special significance to Canadians. Chosen from works executed between the turn of the century and 1940, it includes portraits of Canadians in public life at that time as well as drawings of ordinary Canadian soldiers; products of John's years as an official Canadian war artist.

The rubbings in this exhibition were done over the last six years, and the image is reproduced on a very fine loomed cloth which has been held in place over the carved relief with masking tape.

The Venus Suite is a series of approximately thirty serigraphs. The prints are designed around the single theme of love, and the internal organization is such that each work will stand alone, and at the same time will reinforce each other print of the series, transmitting a variety of impulses, emotional and intellectual to the viewer.