No Man’s Land: The Photographs of Lynne Cohen

For almost three decades, internationally renowned, award-winning photographer Lynne Cohen has been hunting down and photographing"found" interiors of astonishing variety, presenting us with a funny, perplexing and ultimately chilling vision of the world - a humanly engineered environment"where the boundaries between inside and outside, nature and culture, pleasure and pain, have been blurred, stripped of their original connotations. She shows us that germ warfare factories are not so different from health spas, that robot factories are remarkably similar to classrooms, men's clubs to women's hairdressing salons, ballrooms to mortuaries." (From the introduction to the exhibition catalogue). Ann Thomas, curator of the photograph collection at the National Gallery of Canada, provided a thoughtful examination of Cohen's oeuvre, which ranged from impeccable black and white images of the 1970s to recent large-scale colour prints.  The exhibition was organized by the National Gallery of Canada in collaboration with the Musee de l'Elysée in Lausanne.

Lynne Cohen
Publication Credits
Wiliam A. Ewing, Pierre Théberge, Susan Gibson Garvey (introduction)
double folded brochure
Exhibition Title
No Man's Land: The Photographs of Lynne Cohen, 4 October - 25 November 2001