From the Middle Ages to the Modern: Musical Aspects of the permanent collection

In conjunction with the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations' Biennial Convention to be held in the Dalhousie Arts Centre in July, and also to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Mozart's death, the Dalhousie Art Gallery organized an exhibition of works selected from the Permanent Collection and from local private and public collections.  These works were presented in conjunction with audiotapes containing music relating to the period or location in which the artwork was produced, with commentary supplied by members of the Dalhousie University Music Faculty.

Arthur G. Ackerman, Josef Albers, Akeeah, George Akikulu, William E. Atkinson, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Francesco Bartolozzi, B.C. Binning, Anthony Braxton, Bertram Brooker, Hans Burkmair, Jack Bush, Geoff Butler, Jacques Callot, Graham Cantieni, Muzio Clementi, Camille Corot, Honoré Daumier, Nicolas Delaunay, Thomas F. Dibdin, Albrecht Durer, Richard Earlom, Sir Jacob Epstein, Etidlooie, Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald, Robert Fones, Carol Fraser, John Gay, Adolph Gottlieb, Francisco Goya, Lawren S. Harris Sr., William Hind, William Hogarth, Johannie Ikkidluak, A.Y. Jackson, Charles Jacque, Kenojuak, Max Klinger, Kathe Kollwitz, Kopapik, H.J. L'Harpignies, Anthony Law, Arthur Lismer, Heitor Villa Lobos, Claude Lorraine, Donald Cameron Mackay, Albertus Magnus, Gustav Mahler, Maniapik, Donald Manzer, E.S. Master, M.Z. Master, Balthazar Mercy, Jean Francois Millet, Guideo Molinari, Robert Motherwell, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Victor Pasmore, Alfred Pellan, Nicolaus Panormitanus, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Ashoona Pitseolak, Christopher Pratt, Auguste Raffet, Cristoforo Robetta, Paula Saila, Martin Schongauer, Margaret Shelton, Frank Short, Ron Shuebrook, Joseph Sleep, Edith Smith, Claude Tousignant, Harold Town, Lucas Van Leyden, Israel Van Mecken, Marie Elisabeth Louise Vigée-LeBrun, Edgard Varese, Virgil, Ruth Wainwright, Homer Watson, Johann Wille, Michel Wolgemuth
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Susan Gibson Garvey
Permanent Collection
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From the Middle Ages to the Modern: Musical Aspects of the permanent collection, 7 June - 15 September 1991