A Century of Canadian Drawing

The Dalhousie Art Gallery's Permanent Collection is particularly strong in the area of works on paper, and of drawing in particular.  This exhibition included over 100 examples of drawing by Canadian artists from every period this century, beginning with classic sketches by Lawren Harris and Arthur Lismer, proceeding through works by artists such as Bertram Brooker, Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald, and Christiane Pflug, to more contemporary works by Michael Snow, Joyce Wieland, Bill Boyle, Greg Curnoe, Tim Whiten, John Clark, Robert Fones, and Frank Nulf (to name a few).  Selected by Susan Gibson Garvey, this collection included many drawings by artists with strong ties to the Maritimes, such as Christopher Pratt, Alex Colville, Ruth Wainwright, Nancy Edell, Ron Shuebrook, Gerald Ferguson, Susan Wood, Roger Savage, Carol Fraser, Graham Metson, and Lance Belanger.  The accompanying catalogue provided an analysis of drawing in the changing contexts of art theory and practice in Canada in the 20th century, offering a useful perspective for thinking about drawing in all its modes.

Lance Belanger, Bruno Bobak, John Boyle, Miller Gore Brittain, Bertram Brooker, John Clark, David Alexander Colville, Gregory Richard Curnoe, Mabel Killam Day, Nancy Edell, Barker Fairley, Gerald Ferguson, Lional LeMoine Fitzgerald, Robert Fones, Carol Hoorn Fraser, Gladys M. Gesner, Lawren Stewart Harris, Sr., Jamelie Hassan, Herman Heimlich, Gerald Humen, Norman Laliberte, Arthur Lismer, James Frederick McCulloch, Aileen Meagher, Graham Metson, David Brown Milne, Guido Molinari, Kitty Mykka, Frank Nulf, Christiane Pflug, Joseph Plaskett, Brian Porter, Christopher Pratt, Goodridge Roberts, Robert Rogers, Roger Savage, Susan Scott, Ron Shuebrook, David Silverberg, Michael Snow, Harold Town, Ruth Wainwright, Tim Whiten, Joyce Wieland, Charlotte Wilson Hammond, Susan Wood, Marguerite Zwicker
Publication Credits
Susan Gibson Garvey, Mern O'Brien (foreword)
Canada, Drawing, Permanent Collection
Exhibition Title
A Century of Canadian Drawing selected from the Permanent Collection, 25 June - 15 August 1999