20th Century Prints, Works from the Permanent Collection

Three related exhibitions (Early Renaissance to Early Modern European Prints; the Richard and Jocelyn Raymond Canadian Graphic Art Collection; Modern and Contemporary Prints from North America) explore a range of historic and contemporary printmaking preoccupations and techniques, and together include over 150 prints selected from the permanent collection of the Dalhousie Art Gallery. A brochure with commentaries by Dan O'Neill and David Armstrong (artists who teach in the Printmaking Department at NSCAD University), as well as lectures, panels and other events accompany this fascinating"print extravaganza".

Joseph Albers, Abraham Anghik, Robert Annand, Maxwell Bates, Bertram Charles Binning, Fritz Brandtner, Claude Breeze, Miller Gore Brittain, Cory William Brigden, Cecil Buller, Graham Cantieni, David Alexander Colville, Alfred W. Davey, Gene Davis, Etidooie (of Cape Dorset), Barker Fairley, Brian Fisher, Adolph Gottlieb, Julius Griffith, Siegfried Haase, Edwin Holgate, Jacques Hurtubise, Leonard Hutchison, Jamasie, Richards Jarden, John Michael Anthony Korner, Karen Kulyk, Rita Letendre, Arthur Lismer, Kenneth Campbell Lochhead, Donald Cameron MacKay, Glen MacKinnon, Theresa MacPhee (Marshall), André Masson, Samuel Herbert Maw, Robert Motherwell, Robert Gray Murray, John Neville, Louis de Niverville, Toni Onley, Walter J. Phillips, Ed Porter, Christopher Pratt, Margaret Priest, Charles Quest, Herbert Raine, Jean Paul Riopelle, Robert Rogers, Roger Savage, Carl Schaefer, Margaret Shelton, Tony Scherman, Jack Shadbolt, James R. Shirley, David Silverberg, Gordon Appelbe Smith, Lewis E. Smith, Alan Syliboy, Takao Tanabe, W. E. Thorne, Claude Tousignant, Harold Town, William Townsend, Perry Tymeson, Walter Reginald Ward
Publication Credits
David Armstrong, Brenda Christiansen, Dan O'Neill
Permanent Collection, Printmaking, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax
Exhibition Title
20th Century Prints: Works from the Permanent Collection, 12 March - 2 May 2004