Nova Scotian Pictures: Art in Nova Scotia 1940-1966

16 September – 20 November, 1994

Guest Curator Sandra Paikowsky took a close look at the period 1940-66 in Nova Scotia, focusing mainly on painting and on the activities of organizations, such as the Nova Scotia Society of Artists and the Nova Scotia Museum of Fine Arts. This exhibition presented works by over 40 artists, including Robert Annand, Marion Bond, Mabel Killam Day, Horst Deppe, Carol Fraser, Siegfried Haase, C. Anthony Law, D.C. Mackay, Aileen Meagher, Alex Tissington, Ruth Wainwright, and LeRoy and Marguerite Zwicker. It was accompanied by an illustrated bilingual catalogue containing Ms. Paikowsky's scholarly essay, describing the artistic climate of the period which so strongly influenced the production of art in Nova Scotia. This exhibition was generously funded by the Museums Assistance Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Nova Scotia Department of Culture and Education.


Robert Annand, Frances Forbes Bayne, Helen Beals, Marion Bond, Elizabeth Cann, Elizabeth Chute, John Cook, Mabel Killam Day, William DeGarthe, Horst Deppe, Carol Fraser, Gladys Gesner, Jack Gray, Siegfried Haase, Joan House, Bruce Hunter, Dorothy Ellis Jackson, Lucy Jarvis, Donald Jeffries, Grace Keddy, Anthony Law, Jane Shaw Law, Ellen Lindsay, Donald Cameron Mackay, Mollie Bell Mackay, Tom Mackay, Aileen Meagher, Joseph Purcell, John Reppeteaux, Ruth Rideout, Stanley Royle, Margaret Semple, Gordon Simmons, Edith A. Smith, Alex Tissington, Ruth Wainwright, Helen Weld, Thaya C. Whitten, David Whitzman, Leon Zwerling, LeRoy Zwicker, Marguerite Zwicker