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5 May – 18 June, 2000

" The community of Preston, consisting of East Preston, North Preston and Cherrybrook, is a part of the Halifax Regional Municipality and located to the north east of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Originally settled in the late 1700s by free Black Loyalists as well as enslaved Blacks, Preston represents one of Canada's most significant centres for Black History and culture. The vitality and richness of the culture in the Prestons was familiar to David Woods, who spent much of his youth in the community. He knew that there were people of all ages who were engaged in all kinds of artistic activities from music making and story telling to quilt making, basketry and painting. Some had formal training and some were self taught. Most were practicing their art and craft in quiet, personal and unassuming ways. As this exhibition shows, all were responding to the people and the place, the land and the buildings, the homes, the families and the churches. This exhibition provides some insights into a particular community (and the idea of community) through the art and poetry of artists who live there and those who, while not residents, feel connected to the place."

Excerpt from exhibition essay written by David Woods and Dr. Harold Pearse


The Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia

The North Preston Cultural Association