FLUXUS: a Conceptual Country

11 March – 8 May, 1994

The visual artists, writers and composers whose activities are known collectively as Fluxus, came together 30 years ago, staging art events, performances and happenings in major cities across Europe and the U.S. Fluxus contributed the term “intermedia” and popularized time-based performance, video, installation and multiple art forms. Marcel Duchamp was an influential precursor of Fluxus, and John Cage and Josef Beuys were closely associated with the group. This comprehensive and provocative exhibition of memorabilia presents works by over 50 Fluxus artists, including Christo, George Ben Macunias, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik and Ben Vautier. A specially designed interactive computer provides further access to Fluxus works in the spirit in which they were created, enabling the viewer to run film loops, open Flux-boxes, and select and examine objects in virtual reality. Curated by Dr. Estera Milman, the exhibition is a collaborative project organized by Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc, New York, and sponsored by the University of Iowa Museum of Art. Its appearance at the Dalhousie Art Gallery is funded by the Exhibitions Assistance Program of the Canada Council.