A Few of Our Favourite Things: Selections from the Permanent Collection

27 January – 16 April, 2023

Installation view of A Few of Our Favourite Things: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Photo by Geoffrey Webster.

This exhibition departs from the Dalhousie Art Gallery's usual format of curating a selection of work from the permanent collection based on thematic, media and/or specific artist(s); instead, this display presents choices by the six members of the Gallery's team, who work in various roles. Collecting galleries and museums contain objects that, for one reason or another, become highlights of the collection in the eyes of its visitors. Similarly, the people who spend their working lives in the art gallery sector also form attachments to the objects in their care. In this exhibition, DAG staff present artworks chosen from the Gallery's holdings that have special significance to them. Sharing anecdotes behind their diverse selections, this unique showing gives viewers an insight into how staff members can connect with collections on both personal and professional levels. We invite the public to consider objects throughout the Gallery space that might in turn become a few of their own favourite things. 

Organized by the Dalhousie Art Gallery as part of its 70th anniversary celebration.