Allen D. Crooks: Family Matters

3 February – 7 April, 2024

Allen D. Crooks, Untitled, 2009. Archival silver gelatin print on paper, 11" x 14". Courtesy of the artist.

Allen D. Crooks, Untitled, 2010. Archival silver gelatin print on paper, 11" x 14". Courtesy of the artist.

Allen D. Crooks, Untitled, 2008. Archival silver gelatin print on paper, 11" x 14". Courtesy of the artist.

Located in the DAG Alcove

As an artist, Allen D. Crooks skillfully navigates the intricate tapestry of community life, weaving together moments of everyday existence with a keen eye for social realism. His poignant photography captures the essence of shared experiences, celebrating the resilience and vibrancy of the African Nova Scotian community from varied perspectives. Family Matters goes beyond mere visual documentation; it is a heartfelt homage to the profound importance of familial connections, revealed through his intimate and deeply human treatment of each subject. Through Crooks' lens, this exhibition serves as a testament to enduring strength and rich cultural heritage, showcasing the beauty found in the nuances of daily life and the invaluable ties that bind us together. 

Allen D. Crooks is photographer and owner of Halifax Darkroom and Studio; a member-based space and community of film photographers.  As a full-time IT Contract Consultant, Allen’s photography and darkroom process allows him the necessary escape from the stress and rigors of a demanding day job.  

His photography practice is focused on personal and social documentary. He engages in long term self-directed projects that resonate with him on a personal and creative level. As a traditional darkroom printer, he believes that a beautifully crafted print is a means of giving an image a beautiful ‘home’. As an image maker, he also believes that it is an obligation to provide a place where images can live in a beautifully rendered print.  

Allen’s work has been exhibited across Canada in solo and group exhibitions. Additionally, his work has been published in numerous publications including SEITIES, PhotoEd and the cover image for Phonse Jessome’s novel Disposable Souls.  

Artist Talk: Allen D. Crooks
15 February, 2024, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Allen D. Crooks will give an illustrative talk about his art practice, influences and current exhibitions at Dalhousie Art Gallery, Family Matters. 

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