African Heritage Month: First Films by Black Filmmakers

2 – 16 February, 2016

film still from Dear White People, 2014


2 February - She’s Gotta Have It

Spike Lee, USA, 1986, 84 minutes. An independently minded 80s African-American female must choose between multiple suitors–one of them played by the director himself–in this precise and energetic debut feature from the now legendary filmmaker Spike Lee.

9 February - Dear White People

Justin Simien, USA, 2014, 108 minutes. Gender preferences, power structures, and race all get questioned in this riotous debut by the tart-tongued writer/director Justin Simien. Set on a contemporary American university campus, Dear White People is a very funny modern-day satire that includes pointed language and possibly offensive subject matter. 

16 February - Losing Ground

Kathleen Collins, USA, 1982, 86 minutes. Recently rediscovered and restored by Milestone Films, Losing Ground predates the current round of indie African-American filmmaking by four years. The story of a female philosophy professor balancing a career against a marriage to her unfaithful artist husband, Losing Ground has been acclaimed as a landmark in Black filmmaking.