Exhibitions and Events


Four From Sidney Poitier

6 – 27 February, 2012

Arguably the most important African American actor in screen history, Sidney Poitier appeared in a series of groundbreaking films in the 1960s that directly addressed issues of race in both the United States and Britain. The Dalhousie Art Gallery will show four of these movies on four Monday evenings as part of Black History Month.


6 February - Lilies of the Field


Two Centuries of Charles Dickens

18 January – 25 April, 2012

The greatest novelist of the English language and one of the most imposing figures in all of world literature, Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago in 1812. Immensely popular in his own time—where he helped define the Victorian Era along with Queen Victoria herself—Dickens’ work has endured in film and television so much so that the latest round of landmark small-screen epics like The Wire and The Sopranos can—and have been—described as ‘Dickensian’ in scope, ambition and execution.

Douglas Walker, #A-656, 2010

Douglas Walker: Other Worlds

13 January – 11 March, 2012


Organized by the Dalhousie Art Gallery in partnership with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and the Kelowna Art Gallery.


The 58th Annual SSFA Exhibition

9 – 18 December, 2011

OPENING RECEPTION Thursday 8 December at 8 PM This annual exhibition celebrates the creativity of the Dalhousie and King's College university communities.

Artist Talk

Curator's Talk with Steven Loft

22 October, 2011
Dana Claxton, Baby Girlz Got a Mustang, 2008, Collection: National Gallery of Canada photo (c) NGC

Steeling the Gaze: Portraits by Aboriginal Artists

14 October – 27 November, 2011

Curator's Talk with Steven Loft Saturday 22 October at 7 pm Organized by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, an affiliate of the National Gallery of Canada Curated by Andrea Kunard and Steven Loft This exhibition brings together profoundly symbolic works by some of Canada’s most celebrated Indigenous artists and sends a powerful message about the evolution of Aboriginal self-determination in Canada.


Werner Herzog Survey

28 September – 14 December, 2011

Along with Wim Wenders, Werner Herzog is the most recognizable of the New German filmmakers who emerged in the 1970s.  His questing, unconventional attitude has resulted in an ongoing career that alternates drama and documentary with a quizzical sense of humour and a generous sense of humanity.  In the last decade, however, Werner Herzog has reached a new plateau of cinematic expressiveness that sees his own bemused personality take centre stage.  We are pleased to present a short retrospective of his work, with a concentration on his most recent films.

Artist Talk

Artist's Talk and tour

22 September, 2011

Cult Films at Five

16 – 22 September, 2011

The annual collaboration between the Dalhousie Art Gallery and the Atlantic Film Festival will present seven classic cult films for free viewing at five o’clock for the week of the festival.  This year’s selection consists of controversial, late-night and niche films that have built their reputations outside of mainstream exhibition in unconventional public screenings.  


Jamelie Hassan, Midnight’s Children (from The Trilogy), 1990 (detail) Collection: Museum London, photo: John Tamblyn

Jamelie Hassan: At the Far Edge of Words

26 August – 2 October, 2011

ARTIST’S PRESENTATION Thursday 22 September at 8 PM This survey exhibition traces four decades of art-making by London, Ontario artist Jamelie Hassan and presents a body of work that intertwines her enduring interests in text, language, memory, personal history, and identity. Her pioneering practice steadfastly asserts that artists have a responsibility to address the critical issues of our time, while her geographical location in the ‘regions’ of Southwestern Ontario grounds her practice.