Exhibitions and Events


CFAT September Artist Talk Series: Melanie Colosimo & Michael McCormack & Tom Sherman

13 September, 2012

CFAT Local Artist Resident, Melanie Colosimo has been working on a video animation project using miniatures and paper cut-outs. Colosimo's artwork explores themes of reflective nostalgia and displacement. CFAT's local electronics resident Michael McCormack created Field, which explores the uses of shortwave radio and its relationship with other communications devices. Field will be presented at Nocturne: Art at Night Festival. Launching at the artist talk; a catalogue with new text by Tom Sherman Video is a Perceptual Prosthetic.


Halifax in Hollywood

13 – 19 September, 2012

On the cusp of the 100th Anniversary of the first feature film made in Canada—Evangeline, shot in Halifax in 1913—the Dalhousie Art Gallery and the Atlantic Film Festival present a seven-film retrospective of Nova Scotians and a Nova Scotian story populating Hollywood’s Golden Age in the 1930s. Two stars—David Manners and Ruby Keeler—were once Tinseltown’s biggest stars.

video stills from Ellen Moffat and Kim Morgan’s in pulse, 2012

Place Markers: Mapping Locations and Probing Boundaries

31 August – 7 October, 2012

OPENING RECEPTION Thursday 30 August at 8 PM

PANEL DISCUSSION Sunday 16 September at 2 PM
Featuring participating artists: James Geurts (Melbourne, Australia), collaborators Ellen Moffat (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) and Kim Morgan (Halifax, Nova Scotia), Evamaria Trischak (Vienna, Austria)


Sounding Selves

18 May – 8 July, 2012

Opening Reception Thursday 17 May at 8 pm
Opening night performance of Jani Ruscica's Variations on a theme - duet for greater horseshoe bat and beatboxer by Geordie Haley and Lukas Pearse.

Originally all sounds were originals. They occurred at one time in one place only. Sounds were indissolubly tied to the mechanisms that produced them. The human voice traveled only as far as one could shout. 1

Doug Beube, Masters in Art: Van Gogh, 2009

UNBOUND: An Exhibition in Three Chapters

16 March – 6 May, 2012

Opening Reception Thursday 15 March at 8 pm


Four From Sidney Poitier

6 – 27 February, 2012

Arguably the most important African American actor in screen history, Sidney Poitier appeared in a series of groundbreaking films in the 1960s that directly addressed issues of race in both the United States and Britain. The Dalhousie Art Gallery will show four of these movies on four Monday evenings as part of Black History Month.


6 February - Lilies of the Field


Two Centuries of Charles Dickens

18 January – 25 April, 2012

The greatest novelist of the English language and one of the most imposing figures in all of world literature, Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago in 1812. Immensely popular in his own time—where he helped define the Victorian Era along with Queen Victoria herself—Dickens’ work has endured in film and television so much so that the latest round of landmark small-screen epics like The Wire and The Sopranos can—and have been—described as ‘Dickensian’ in scope, ambition and execution.

Douglas Walker, #A-656, 2010

Douglas Walker: Other Worlds

13 January – 11 March, 2012


Organized by the Dalhousie Art Gallery in partnership with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and the Kelowna Art Gallery.


The 58th Annual SSFA Exhibition

9 – 18 December, 2011

OPENING RECEPTION Thursday 8 December at 8 PM This annual exhibition celebrates the creativity of the Dalhousie and King's College university communities.

Artist Talk

Curator's Talk with Steven Loft

22 October, 2011