Ship Portraits in Nova Scotian Collections

The Age of Sail returned, just in time to whet the appetite for the millennial visit of the Tall Ships to Halifax! This elegant exhibition of portraits of sailing vessels from the late 18th to the early 20th centuries were selected from public and private collections in Nova Scotia by Dr. Charles Amour, former University Archivist at Dalhousie University and an authority on shipbuilding in the Maritime Provinces.  Major maritime artists from Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Central Europe and other countries were represented in the exhibition.  The paintings were both appealing works of art and fascinating, accurate depictions of historical vessels.  The works showed the various rigs and rigging changes and the development of ship design during the"Age of Sail" in Nova Scotia.  Dr. Armour was assisted in his selections by marine artist Graham Young of Hubbards NS, and together presented an informative slide lecture on the ship portraits in the Gallery.

Edouard Adam, Aristidius DeClerck, Guiseppe Fedi, S.H. Fyfe, E. L. Greaves, Peter Christian Holm, George Gustavus Lennock, Capt. R.N., Henry Loos, John O'Brien, Honore Pellegrini, Heinrich Andreas Sophus Petersen, E. Petit, Felice Polli, Lewis Renault, Michele Renault, Louis Roux, Edward John Russell, J. Sempill, Dominic Serres: [A. or Tomaso] De Simone, Richard B. Spencer, Jacob Spin, Fred Wettering, Carolus Ludovicus Weyts, William Howard York
Publication Credits
Dr. Charles Armour, Graham Young
Nova Scotia, Painting
Exhibition Title
Ship Portraits in Nova Scotian Collections, 5 May - 18 June 2000