Moving Ever Shall Stay: Work by Suzanne Gauthier

30 October – 13 December, 1992

This exhibition includes nine of Suzanne Gauthier's mixed media works made between 1987 and 1992. Crossing the boundaries of a variety of mediums and techniques, Gauthier draws her rich, allusive imagery from sources as wide-ranging as classical wall paintings, mediaeval sculpture, oriental mythology, modernist abstraction and current literary texts. Themes of loss and recovery, sexuality and death, memory and identity recur throughout these complex works. Gauthier's method of sorting, quoting and recycling, and her use of materials which reflect, blur or create illusory space, seem to question the very nature of representation itself, and examine the growth of personal and perceptual knowledge, as fragmentary images cohere into structures of meaning and resonance -- only to mutate into new configurations in the next piece. Curated by Susan Gibson Garvey for the Dalhousie Art Gallery, with funding from the Canada Council and the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture.