17 October – 30 November, 2014

Edith Flückiger, Slogan (ASK...) Alu Light (120cm x 160cm), Lambda print, plexiglass, 2010.

Germaine Koh, Fair-weather forces: wind speed, 2002, found metal turnstile with added electric motor and electronic circuits, anemometer. View of installation at The Power Plant, Toronto, 2002.

The Centre for Art Tapes has partnered with Dalhousie Art Gallery for the upcoming exhibition (im)mobile, featuring established media artists Edith Flückiger (Lucerne, Switzerland) and Germaine Koh (Vancouver). The exhibition is curated by Mireille Bourgeois, independent curator (Halifax), and Chantal Molleur, curator and co-founder of White Frame (Basel, Switzerland).

The two artists in (im)mobile present conceptual artwork, made up of electronic installation, video, digital text pieces in a conversation surrounding mobility and balance. Edith Flückiger works to reach a place in time and space that is unknown to us, something that tries to find the space between here and there on a map; an unmarked site. Working with ideas of memory, cartography, text and digital media, Flückiger plays with our perception of human figures drawing in and out of media installations, and creates text-works that take us no-where, yet at the same time questions the mundane. Germaine Koh partly concentrates on the site-specific socio-geographic implications of common spaces, the recognizable and the use of everyday objects. The objects are often enhanced by electronics to create interaction, which transgresses their meaning when placed in the gallery space. At times, Koh’s objects are situated outside of the gallery space, but with their electronic components and odd placement, appear to be cast as the outsider.

These artists consider human presence or absence within their work. While Koh creates a space for the body to interact with the artwork, Flückiger shows the body, seemingly lost in a no-where land. One does not knowingly create a space for the other, but they trigger a conversation between the works, a dialogue between sites of the mind and state of the body. This exhibition will premier in Halifax, and will travel to the Haus für Kunst Uri in Altdorf, Switzerland in 2016. A catalogue will be produced with critical essays by writers and curators Jonathan Shaughnessy and Susann Wintsch.

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